Okay, I just want to cut to it because I’m supposed to be studying right now (even though all I want to do is watch ncis la). The point of this post is to basically pre-warn you guys that this could be a pretty shaky month for me. Not only is this term 3 of my last year in high school, but this month my grade also takes the QCS test.

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It’s a pretty big deal because it basically determines my future in only 2 days worth of tests.



Yeah, so anyway. the point of this catch up post is just to let you guys know that I really don’t know how this month is going to go. I’m writing this back in May (I am prepping for August so to de-stress myself as much as possible) so I expect all I’ll be doing is stressing about my 3 social science assignments, exam block and the QCS.

Basically what I’m trying to say, is that I really don’t know if I’m going to be around the blogging community much. August is probably going to be the worst school month of my life so far and I just don’t know if I’ll be able to fit it in between classes and studying.

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Anyway, all up – I’m sorry if it takes me ages to get back to you with comments or check out your blogs. It’s not anything wrong on your part it’s just all down to the fact that I won’t have time or I’ll be absolutely too exhausted.




15 thoughts on “BLOGGING UPDATES

  1. Good luck! And take all the time you need. I am in my second last year and that’s crazy enough so don’t feel pressured to blog (or use blogging to procrastinate) because you should focus on your exams.

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    1. Thank you so much! I have all my posts scheduled for the month and I have them written down in my calender but I keep forgetting that they’re being posted. How’s your 11th year going so far?


        1. You’ll get through it, I literally had so many freak outs last year so don’t worry about it. If you ever need to vent you can come find me here or on twitter (or we could text if that’s easier) because I know how hard year 11 is, and I wouldn’t want you to feel bad in your senior years of high school.


          1. Thanks, I might take you up on your offer! Currently I am just annoyed at my procrastination because I have a creative writing assignment due tomorrow and my first draft is half done… yay…

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              1. it is an english short story… haha draft haha… yeah it is 3pm now and I have to have it done by 7am tomorrow so I can print it before I go home. I just don’t want to start because it is so bad.

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                1. Is your final due tomorrow? I know how you feel, short stories are what I hate writing the most, it was actually my latest english assessment. I feel your pain. Do you have an idea or a metaphor you want to run with for your story? Does it have to be based on something?


                    1. Oh my gosh! Good luck, you should make yourself a drink, get a snack and sit down and just wirte (even if it’s terrible). If short stories are usually your worst type of assessment then your teacher will probably understand if it isn’t as good as usual. Also, try turning off your wifi, I usually do that when I have something due the next day and I haven’t finished.


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