Comic Roundup | #1

I am currently procrastinating (again, whoops) and so I decided to help myself make reviewing comics easier. Often, when I’m faced with writing a review for a comic I freak out – have ย you ever tried to review a comic or graphic novel? It’s difficult, often they aren’t very long and there isn’t all that much to talk about. So I figured mini reviews of some of the most recent comics I’ve read is the best way for me to not overwhelm myself or you guys.

dividerarrowleftfeatureSpider-Man: Miles Morales, Vol. 1ย Jonesy, Vol. 1ย Amazing Spider-Man: Worldwide, Vol. 1ย Spider-Man/Deadpool, Vol. 1: Isn't it Bromanticdividerarrowrightfeature

Miles Morales Volume 1

I’m not sure how I feel about this yet. I really enjoyed Miles Morales as a character but some of his choices really didn’t resonate with me, I also feel pretty iffy about his friend, Ganke who Miles seems to really appreciate. I will definitely be reading volume 2 of this series as I think it has some great potential but I definitely prefer the original Spider-Man.

Jonesy Volume 1

This was a cute little story with awesome art, I cannot wait for the next installment. A friend of mine got this for her birthday earlier this month and really loved it.

The main character can be a bit much at times and it took me a second to get used to her personality, but overall I really enjoyed this.

Spider-Man: Worldwide Volume 1

I really enjoyed this, though not as much as I thought I would. I know that a binch of people didn’t love this comic as it mostly recieves 3 star reviews. I lvoe Spider-Man and aside from the Spideypool comic I talk about next, I haven’t read any post-Secret Wars Spider-Man. I didn’t think this was a 5 star read but I did really enjoy this, I’ll definitely be reading volume 2 asap.

Spider-Man/ Deadpool Volume 1

I love this duo and I cannot wait to read volume 2! I wasย raving about this comic while I was reading itย and if you enjoy comics I urge youto pick this up. (disclaimer: I do not ship Spidey-pool)

Spideypool is a really funny team up, Spider-Man doesn’t really like Deadpool and Deadpool thinks Spidey is the bee’s knees. Naturally, this comic is hilarious.

SCHEDULED 22/04/2017

Do you read comics? Have you read any of these?


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4 thoughts on “Comic Roundup | #1

    1. If you’re just starting out with comics you should definitely try borrowing some from your local library, this will also help your wallet. Have you read many comics yet, are you more into superheroes or contemporary? If you like supers you should try something like Silver surfer (Marvel Now), Nova (Marvel Now) or The Flash (New 52) if you are more into DC. Though, if you prefer contemporary you should check out Lumberjanes, Bitch Planet or Jonesy.

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