Monthly Recommendations: RETELLINGS

June 2017: Retellings

In June we are focusing on Retellings. You could also go with re-imaginings, as this topic is not exclusive to books that are a direct remake of the original. Feel free to throw in any book that follows along to a classic story, fairy tale or mythology that you love.

dividerarrowleftfeatureFirst & ThenHeartlessCinder (The Lunar Chronicles, #1)dividerarrowrightfeature

My retelings recommendations are all pretty meh and will probably be on every other list but oh well. I really enjoy all of these books so I hope you add them to your TBRs!

First & Then

First & Then

In terms of retellings this is a really smart and funny one. Mills created a really inventive and modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice. Even if you don’t want to read the original this is a fun way to still get the gist of the story.



I only rated this three stars when I read this last year but I did still really enjoy it. I think that Marissa Meyer is a really smart writer, she creates really inventive stories based off of well-known stories. Heartless is her latest novel, about the Queen of Hearts before she goes nuts.

My review of Heartless

The Lunar Chronicles


If you read my May wrap up then you know that I wasn’t actually a big fan of Cinder upon my 3rd re-read, and if you’ve been around my blog even longer then you know that I’m not a big fan of book 2 either. However, please do not let me discourage you from reading this series. It still remains one of my favourites and books 3 and 4 are some of my favourite books to read.


asdasdEligible (The Austen Project, #4)Hunted (Hunted, #1)GeekerellaAlex, Approximately

Have you read these novels? What are your favourite retellings?


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15 thoughts on “Monthly Recommendations: RETELLINGS

  1. This is a great post! Of course my favourite retellings of all time are ACTOAR and ACOMAF! I’ve heard of First & Then, it’s on my TBR. I enjoyed Heartless and also rated it 3 stars, the ending really frustrated me, even though it was pretty inevitable (If there was a happy ending it would’ve been 4 stars)! I read Cinder a couple years back and remember LOVING it, I seriously need to continue on with the rest of the series, I’ve heard amazing things about it!

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  2. Great recommendations! I love The Lunar Chronicles but I still have to read Heartless (I’ve owned it for over a year nowπŸ˜‚)
    I’ve also heard really good things about First & Then and I want to pick it up!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I did enjoy Heartless and thought it was a really cool idea, but I know there were other that liked the book more than me. It’s definitely worth a try though!
      First & Then is a really fun novel, have you read or seen Pride and Prejudice?

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        1. You should read it! I ususally read my classics around November/December when school is finishing, the first time read it I used a physical copy and then last year I listened to it on ausio (it’s on Youtube btw). It’s really fun, if you have trouble reading classics, you should definitely watch an adaptation before starting it. Can you tell I enjoy this book?

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