Bitch Planet Vol. 1 [REVIEW]

Bitch Planet Volume 1 – Kelly Sue DeConnick (Writer), Valentine De Landro (Artist) & Robert Wilson IV (Artist)

my rating : 4/5

genre : dystopia, feminism

goodreads rating : 4.11

Bitch Planet, Vol. 1: Extraordinary Machine


I really loved this, but at the same time it made me SO MAD!

What really scares me is that this story is a potential future for women. Sure, the men probably won’t ship us off to a whole other planet (or would they?) but I’m sure of them would really like to.

What I find most interesting about this comic is that while I was reading this I stated explaining it to my mum and she said to me “You know we’d be on that planet,right?” And it sort of hit me, like, yeah I would be on that planet, I’m not great at conforming and I really don’t want to be.

I urge you guys to pick this comic up. It’s an eye-opening experience. Women in real life are constantly g=being told to conform to this mold society has put in place for them.

We already have women on the news having to look perfect, the tight clothes, the makeup, the colour schemes. Where, it has not got to the point that women are literally stressing about everyone wearing the same colour. You all know what I’m talking about. Yeah, sure that was funny for about 5 seconds but these women are being grilled about their appearance so much that these things do happen – more often then we know, I’m sure.

This is such an empowering story. In fact, there’s a scene in this comic where Penny is supposed to be shown her ideal body – a skinny version of herself, basically. And do you know what she sees? She sees herself, just as she is. This is such an important scene – it shows that even in a world where men control everything, women can still believe in themselves and rebel in their own ways.

There was also another scene that I really wanted to talk about, because this scene really disturbed me, more than most of the things that happened in this comic. This is a world, where sure men and women get married all the time but a man taking advice from his wife is frowned upon. They see this is a bad thing – like, how dare she give him advice – as if he needs that. Ultimately they end up sending her to Bitch Planet (a jail for women) because a women giving her husband, or any man for that matter, advice send the “wrong idea”.

I implore you guys to give this one a shot – it won’t change your life but it will make you take a minute to see how we close we really are to having our very own “Bitch Planet”.


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