Anticipated 2017 Movies

Most Anticipated Movies of 2017

I don’t go to the cinema too often but there are quite a few movies I wouldn’t mind seeing this year. Some of these movies I know I probably won’t get the chance to see but there are other movies that I know I’ll be there on opening night!

March, 2017

Image result for logan poster 2017


This is probably the only movie I won’t see in cinemas which bugs me but hey, movies are expensive! I love Wolverine and Hugh Jackman’s acting is goals but I’ll probably end up waiting for it to come out on DVD.

Image result for beauty and the beast 2017 poster


I know I will definitely be lining up to see this the night it releases in Australia. The animated film is my favourite of all time so naturally I can’t wait to see the live action film! Emma Watson seems like the perfect Belle so I can’t wait to see her take on the character.

April, 2017

Image result for guardians of the galaxy 2017 poster


Happy Birthday to me! th first film was one of my favourites of 2014Β so I can’t wait to see what mess the characters get into in the next film.

June, 2017

Image result for cars 3 2017 poster


I don’t know about you guys but I had no idea this film was even going to be a thing until I went to make this list. It looks sad and I know it’s going to kill me but I am soo ready for a new Cars film!

July, 2017

Image result for spiderman 2017 poster


I am so ready for this film you guys don’t even know! I saw Civil War last year with a few of my friends and I can say that the only things I really liked about it were Spidey and Black Panther – everything else was sort of pointless. Spider-Man is my favouite superhero so I’m definitely excited to see the new film, as I’m pretty sure he’s my favourite Spidey yet!

October, 2017

Image result for thor ragnarok 2017 poster


The first Thor film was amazing, the second a little dull but to say I have high hopes for the third installment. I am really excited to Β see some more Hulk because there’s been a great lack of him in Marvel movies lately. I love Thor and I think he’s a really amusing character

December, 2017

Image result for star wars] 2017 poster


A new Star Wars film? You’re damn right I’m going to see it! I loved The Force Awakens, the new trio is everything I never knew I wanted. I have high hopes for this new film and I can’t wait to see it!

5 thoughts on “Anticipated 2017 Movies

  1. Ah, so excited for Logan (even though I haven’t watched Wolverine oops), Beauty and the Beast, Spider-Man, and the new Star Wars as well! Haven’t seen any of the Thor movies or Gaurdians of the Galaxy yet. πŸ™ˆ


    1. I’m really excited for the film but I have to admit I haven’t even seen the last Wolverine film yet (whoops.) I really enjoythe Thor movies (the first film has been the best so far, but I have high hopes for no. 3.) Also, Guardians of the Galaxy is amazing!!

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  2. I can’t wait for Beauty and the Beast it was my favourite disney movie growing up (still is!) I haven’t been keen on the other remakes they’ve done recently (like Malefecent or Cinderella) but I’m really hopeful for this one! Also can’t wait for Spiderman he is my fave superhero (alongside Deadpool) and this film looks like it’s going to be freaking awesome!


    1. Beauty and the Beast was always my favourite too! In fact, I’m watching it as I respond to you. I wasn’t too fond of Maleficent either but to my great surprise I loved it. B&TB is my favourite movie of all time so I’m trying not to get my hopes up, but I’m definitely looking forward to it!
      Spider-man (*cries* he’s amazing) looks amazing and I really can’t wait to see this version of the character – so far Holland is playing true to the comics which is really fun for me!

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