January Favourites | 2017

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I’ve never done one of these before and to be honest I’ve only ever watched one of these videos so I don’t really have a format to follow. If I enjoy writing these I’m hoping to do one every month.

Social Medias :

This month wasn’t really a big month for me on social media as it isn’t really a big part of my life. However, I did join Twitter this month so I can keep up with the Shadowhunters live tweets and stuff my favourite authors are saying.

My Twitter

This probably won’t be a main section on this post because, as I said social media really isn’t a main feature in my life.Β 

YouTube :

I really enjoy watching videos on YouTube, but mostly in the background while I’mΒ writing a blog post or doing homework .

In the last week or so I’ve found that I’ve been working well withΒ Megan Batoon orΒ Kyle HanagamiΒ in the background. Megan Batoon is a really fun YouTuber, and her videos are all pretty short which makes my life a lot easier. She also makes cooking videos which are some of my favourite videos to watch.

Kyle Hanagami is a choreographer, his videos are all really amazing, he has a whole cast of dancers that dance to parts of songs. I really love the dances and find it quite relaxing to watch or even to just listen to the songs while I work.

As for BookTube, I’m not sure if it was in December of January that I subscribed to them but I’ve been really enjoyingΒ ProblemsofaBookNerd‘s videos. She’s recommended some really great diverse reads, her reading tastes are quite similar to me and she is really easy to talk to.

Reading :

I’ve decided that I’ll dedicate this section to my favourite book or books of the month, I will also do the same thing for my movie and tv section.Β 

January wasn’t a fantastic reading month for me, don’t get me wrong I basically confirmed that Brandon Sanderson is my favourite author but I didn’t actually read the books I really wanted to get to.

I would have liked to read the first two books in the Shades of Magic series but could barely get through the first book, and even as I write this I am am only just past the halfway point. I honestly don’t know if I’m going to continue reading the book, I love it but it’s taken me a month to read 200 pages.

As for what I really enjoyed this month, I finally read some more Brandon Sanderson. I also read a grohic novel that I really enjoyed.

Steelheart (Reckoners, #1)Β In Real Life

I read the entire Steelheart trilogy and while the plot was a bit meh for me, I did love the writing!

I also read In Real Life by Cory Doctorow and Jen Wang, this graphic novel dealt with some really important issues and I am very glad I read it. Also, the artwork was brilliant!

January Reviews :Β 

Another Castle: Grimoire [Comic Review]

[Graphic Novel Review] Decelerate Blue

[Book Review] Heartless

Movies & TV :

This month was a pretty good month for TV Shows. I can’t say that I really watch too much tv but with the introduction of Netflix into my life, that’s changed slightly.

I also talked about what I’m currently watching on myΒ Life UpdateΒ posts earlier in the month.

Image result for shadowhunters posterΒ Image result for a series of unfortunate events netflix posterΒ Image result for pushing daisies poster

This month Shadowhunters came back for its second season which so far I am really enjoying! I’m loving the progression of the series and I have no words for Dom’s acting – dude made me cry.

I also watched A Series of Unfortunate Events which came out on January 13 and I won’t go too much into it because my review should be coming out soon, but I loved it!

And, last but certainly not least, Pushing Daisies. I currently have this show on hold, I got 3 episodes in and while I am really loving it I think I’ll wait until I can get it on DVD, but because the show is older and less well-known it is quite had to find in stores. I am still on the hunt but I will definitely be binging this when I get my hands on it!

Honourable mention – I’ve also been watching Class but I’ve not yet watched the last two episodes. All I’ll say is that I’m hoping for a season 2 even though I doubt it will happen. Also, I love Miss Quill.

Favourite Blog Post :

I can confidently say that my favourite post of the month was one that I only posted last week,Β How To: Get Out Of A Reading Slump.

I really enjoy writing these blog posts, they take a hell of a lot of time for me to write but it’s very satisfying to read them afterwards knowing I’ve given it my all.


4 thoughts on “January Favourites | 2017

  1. This is such a great idea! I decided to do this for the season because my Wrap-Ups are so damn long already! πŸ˜‚ Also, I tagged you in the Blogger Entertainer Award; feel free to do it if you want! πŸ˜„


    1. I really enjoyed writing this post, it was refreshing to talk about everything I liked about the month and not just the books I read. I’m already anticipating writing my February favourites!

      I just saw that you tagged me – thank you so so much! I can’t wait to do the tag!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m not a big fan of graphic novels, but I have heard great things about In Real Life and I will add it to my tbr. I’m glad you enjoyed it! Also, the cover is so pretty. I want to give A Series of Unfortunate Events a chance, I love Neil Patrick Harris and I have heard great things about the show.


    1. I would definitely recommend In Real Life if you aren’t a big fan of gns, it’s short and to the point. It took me just under an hour to read, so hopefully you’ll enjoy it.
      I wasn’t a massive fan of the ASOUE novels but I really enjoyed the show, so definitely give it a shot!


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