Another Castle: Grimoire [Comic Review]

[Comic Review] Another Castle: Grimoire

January 2017

Another Castle: Grimoire by Andrew Wheeler & Paulina Ganucheau


I received a free copy from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

A story with brilliant art and a kickass heroine, what more could you ask for?

Things to look out for:

  • The artwork
  • The writing
  • The kickass Heroine
  • Race and sexuality not being used as a plot point

I assumed that I would enjoy this because I’ve heard great things about Ganucheau’s previous works but this comic really went beyond my expectations.

Image result for another castle: grimoire Image result for another castle: grimoire

Paulina Ganucheau’s artwork is adorable and bright. All of the characters look amazing and none of them look the same, they all have their own unique qualities and shapes. Throughout the comic we meet a whole world of different monsters and by the end of the story they end up coexisting with each other. The monster all look astounding, they are all different and they’re not too scary either!

Image result for another castle: grimoire

I also loved the writing, there is no stilted conversation and all of the dialogue sounded natural and like stuff a normal teenager would say. Andrew Wheeler created an impressive, beautiful and strong-willed princess. Misty, the main character of this comic is a princess who is actually trying to defend her kingdom instead of just hanging about and providing support when required.

Something I really loved about this comic and one of Paulina Ganucheau’s other works is the diversity, somics are really stepping up! Not only do we not have an all white, all straight cast but we have humans and monsters in healthy relationships with each other. The characters really make this comic!

Release Date ~ February 28th 2017


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