[TV Review] Gilmore Girls: A Year in The Life // Winter – Fall


I wrote each review separately after watching each 2 hour episode, there will be spoilers, you have been warned.

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Okay, first things first, Rory and Logan.

I’ll say it now, I am, and have always been team Jess. However, I’ve always said that if Rory wasn’t going to be with Jess I’d rather she was with Logan. In this episode we learn that Rory and Logan are in an open relationship, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. I’m still not too chuffed about how they portrayed the new-found relationship between the two, I mean what about all of Logan’s character development in the original series? Didn’t Rory learn her lesson with the fiasco with Dean?

Speaking of Rory’s love life, what’s up with Paul? This poor guy seems to really like Rory, hell, he’s met the family, been out on the boat with Luke, had family dinners and advised Lorelai about her laptop software, of all things. This guy has done all of the right things, he’s nice and kind and everyone just forgets about him? I honestly just thought his part of the plot was pointless. What are the writers trying to get at? Is Rory just a terrible girlfriend? I mean, they’ve already made it clear that she’s a serial cheater. She kissed Jess while she was dating Dean, she slept with Dean while he married, for God’s sake. And now she’s sleeping with Logan while she’s in a two year long relationship with Logan, or Didi as Lorelai knows him.

The small things I enjoyed from the episode were the little things that really brought the old show to life were Kirk and his new project, Ooober and his insistence that it was an original idea. I know that a lot of people hate Kirk, which I totally understand but personally I really love him and think his little bits in the show are some of the best!

Another small (it felt major to my GG heart) thing that they did was bring back Paul Anka (the dog, not the man). He’s kept up with his fussy diet and is still as amazing as ever!


Emily and Lorelai are now going to therapy together. Oh, joy what a Β great idea! Te things is, it actually is a great idea but because if their complicated past and both of the girls’ stubbornness nothing is accomplished in these sessions. The poor, poor therapist.

Rory is a bit lost. She’s out of a job and doesn’t know quite what she’s going to do next. It will definitely be interesting to see if she thinks she’s below the internet job or not.

As for JavaJunkie (Luke and Lorelai), they are lying to each other again, Because that worked out so well last time. NOT! This is gong to hurt the relationship, and I am already exhausted just thinking about the fightΒ that is inevitably going to happen.

I’m not 100% sure how I really feel about this yet. I’m half way through and so far I’m not overly impressed. Does it feel like Gilmore Girls? Yes. Do I enjoy the new episodes when I watch them? Yes.

You know that feeling when you have a show that you love soo much that as soon as an episode finishes you have to tell someone about what just happened? I’m just not getting that so far, the show feels like Gilmore Girls and that’s good but is it too reminiscent of the original seven seasons?

Luke and Lorelai are lying to each other again. Wasn’t that what split them up in the first place? Their lack of communication has always been Β a problem for them and is clearly going to be a big thing for them in the next two episodes.


Jess is back! Thank God.

There aare only a few main things that I’m really going to go intofor this episode because it’s getting pretty late and I’m tired.

01 The book. Jess came back (finally, where has he been??) and helped Rory out (as usual) telling her not what she wanted to hear but she needed to hear (as usual). Rory then told Lorelai that she wanted to write a novel about their lives together growing up. It really bugged me how against the idea Lorelai was – okay yes you don’t want the world to know you left your kid in a bucket at the shops, but oh well, that’s in the past you brought up Rory Gilmore and you did a pretty good damn job!

02 In this episode we get to see Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, two young girls who have influenced and have played a significant role for young girls everywhere. And what are they doing you may ask. They. are. Body. Shaming. Not cool, ASP, not cool. Also, there are children fanning them? Don’t even get me started on that!

03 Rory and Lorelai are fighting! Oh, joy of joys. Because that is definitely what I signed up for. They’re both fighting with eachother because of the book ad I am honestly just so done with this.

  • JavaJunkie are fighting about the secrets. Luke always follows Lorelai, is that really a good thing?
  • Is Logan endgame? She calls him whenever she needs to vent and he’s been in all of the episodes so far. They’ve “broken up”, will they have a rush get together in the next episode?
  • Lorelai is now going on a hike to find herself. Oh, please. She’s going to take one look at the outdoors and be like “lol no, going home now”.


This part is just going to be bullet points because I only have a short period of time to write this review.

  • Jess taking care of Luke. It’s good to see them hanging out.
  • Logan’s group came back! I love them, that whole scene was amazing, the outfits were so cool, the whole college gang was back together. It was amazing! I forgot how much I had really enjoyed the scenes involving Colin, Finn and Robert!
  • It was so sad when Rory and the boys had to say goodbye!
  • Lorelai called her mother! Oh my gosh soo many emotions! I started crying.
  • Luke’s speech to Lorelai, I love him! His speech was heartbreaking because she wasn’t even going to leave and he just needs her so much! But I did have some minor problems with it, he seems completely dependent of Lorelai these days, long gone are the days when Luke was able to live as a competent and self-reliable adult!
  • One scene with Dean. Thank god, I hated him in the original series. However, even fromΒ that one scene we did get to see that he has moved on with his life and is very much a non-cheating (unlike someone we know) family man.
  • Sookie is back! Like with Dean she only had a small appearance, understandable because the actress is soo popular these days but it was sad to see she wasn’t even there to see Luke and Lorelai elope, I mean come on Michel was there. It was weird to see the trio so incomplete. Although, speaking of Michel, I hadn’t fully realised how much I had missed the trio until Michel started yelling at Sookie. It was like a breathe of fresh air, Like coming home.


Jess! Oh my heart and soul, I am gone from his world. He still loves her, I am so far gone by this point. I am still in shock from the ending.

The ending seemed a little rushed, we didn’t hear the vows or see the dance mob.

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Overall Thoughts:

Episodes one and four were the best.

Seasons seven left us with so many questions we didn’t know what to do with ourselves, we were all unsatisfied Β and confused. But with the revival we were meant to get closure, but did we? I think for some things we did, but will Rory ever find a true happy ending? Will she finish her book? Who will she end up with, Jess or Logan? Did Logan even go through with the wedding?

I think the revival and some time to think really did make me realise to things. One, that I never really liked Rory all that much. She’s a serial-cheater and she’s actually kind of annoying. I definitely like Lorelai more.

And, two, while I will always ship Literati (Rory and Jess) I really don’t think Rory deserves Jess, he has had so much character development (which, of course we didn’t really get to see). He is always there for her when she needs advice or even just a hug. He is her Luke, something I’m not entirely sure I’m happy about.

Also, just one more thing and then I’ll stop typing I promise. The last four words, you didn’t think I’d forgotten did you? That was how ASP had always pictured the show ending? When Rory was just about to head out into the real world, a promising career ahead of her and no romantic ties to hold her down?

Don’t get me wrong we got our revival and I am ever thankful for even getting that, but were we left with more questions than answers?


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