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November Haul

Magnus Chase and The Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan

I have said in previous blog posts that I want to read this series so I bought the novel and with the last book coming out next year hopefully I will be able to read the trilogy in 2017.

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Fantastic Beats and Where To Find Them by J.K.Rowling

I have actually read this screenplay and I really love it, the characters are awesome and the story is amazing, of course! I talk more about my love for this screenplay and the film in my November Wrap Up!

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The UndelightenedΒ 

I have not read this novel yet and purposely do not know too much about it because I just want to dive into the story.

The Undelightened

I also ordered Magnus Chase and the Hammer of Thor but it hasn’t arrived yet.Β 

December Haul

Nova Volume 4Β 

I read this series over the course of the year and plan on gradually buying the volumes. I love this comic series and encourage everyone to pick it up, especially people new to comics!

Nova, Volume 4: Original Sin

Captain Marvel Pop Vinyl

Captain Marvel is one of my favourites so, knowing this one of my friends bought her for me as a Christmas present! (I also recommend the Marvel Now series revolving around her character)

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– – – –Β 

One of my other friends is also a very talented artist and she, knowing how much I love Beauty and the Beast, drew me one of my favourite scenes for Christmas. She drew The Beast and Belle reading Spider-Man comics – basically she combined two of my favourite things and it’s awesome!

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