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I’m really late with this because Summer actually starts next month but oh well.

01ย How is Spring where you live?

Spring is incredibly hot where I live. Summer is always the worst but Spring is almost the same temperature. Basically a step away from a heat wave.

02 Most anticipated book release this Spring?

Heartless by Marissa Meyer, for sure. I loved Marissa Meyer’s The Lunar Chronicles series so naturally ย was super hyped to pick this up. I actually got this from the library a few days ago so I’ll be picking this up soon!


03 Show us a book cover that makes you think of Spring.

Beast by Brie Spangler makes me think of spring because of the amazing and calming shade of blue and the flowers.


04 Where are you going to read this Spring?

The ideal answer to this question would be outside in the shade or drinking coffee at a nearby cafe, but it’s way too hot where I live so I’ll be inside in the aircon. I usually read on my bed in my bedroom, even tough it’s the hottest room in the house.

05 Find a cover with the sun on it!

I’ve not yet read this novel but I do plan on reading it soon because one of my friends loves it! It’s got an awesome cover and I’ve heard great things so I’m excited!

Image result for ya books with suns on them

06 What are your favourite Spring reads?

I don’t really have a certain reading preference for each season in the year. I tend to lean more towards fantasy when reading but sometimes I do read contemporary or sci-fi.

07 Find a book with many different colours on it.

Like most of the books on this list, I have yet to read this novel, or any novel by this author but I’ve heard great things and the concept sounds really interesting so I’m super hyped for this!

Image result for Highly Illogical Behavior


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