Monthly Recommendations: September

Monthly Rec Goodreds Group

The recommendation category for September is Science Fiction. I’m really diggin this group, I love being able to share book recommendations so this is a really easy way for me to do so!

The Starbound TrilogyΒ 

These Broken Stars Goodreads Link

Series Complete: 3 books

These Broken Stars is Titanic meets The Blue Lagoon. Lilac and Tarver get stuck on a planet together. They have no way to send for help, they don’t like each other and there’s something wrong with the planet. Will they survive?

This is a companion trilogy (similar to The Lunar Chronicles) we meet new characters in each book and then they all come together to save the world in the last book.

The Lunar Chronicles

Cinder Goodreads link

Series complete: 4 Books, 1 novella and a novella bindup

If you don’t know the order you should read the books heres a link.

This is a fantastic series. It is a companion series so you meet Cinder and her friend Iko in the first book and then throughout the next books you will meet other characters. If you meet a main character in a previous book then they will be in the next book so its not like you will meet Cinder in book 1 and then not see her until book 4.

Cinder – Cinderella
Scarlet – Red Riding Hood
Cress – Rapunzel
Winter – Snow White


Obsidian Goodreads Link

Series complete: 5 books

I’ve only read the first two books in this series but I really enjoy it. From what I’ve read the writing is easy to read and before IΒ know it I’m already half way through the book. This series does have cheesy romance so be prepared for that, though.

The Rig


The Rig Goodreads Link

Series incomlete: 2 books out, 1 to go (publication date unknown)

I have never heard anyone talk about this series and I really wish more people would read it! I really love this series, I believe it will be a trilogy so I can’t wait to read the third book when it comes out.

The Giver Quartet

The Giver Goodreads Link

Series complete: 4 books

The Giver is one of my favourite books of all time, I have read it soo many times and loved it each time. I have only read the first two books in the quartet and so ar I have enjoyed the second book as well. (This is also a companion series)


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