T5W: Books You Wish Had Sequels

July 13th: Books You Wish Had Sequels
– Standalones that you wish had a sequel or the last book in the series that you wish wasn’t the last.

Top 5 Wednesday

01 Alice in Wonderland/ Through the Looking Glass


I love these books, they are some of my favourite childrens classics.

02 The Lunar ChroniclesΒ 

I know this is already a series but I love these characters soo much and I would read anything revolving around them.

03 Harry PotterΒ 

This is a really cliche answer but honestly I think most people ho love Harry Potter would pretty much read anything set in this world.

04 The Raven Cycle

I know this series only just ended (I’m still in denial) but I love these characters and would honestly read about anything revolving around these characters.

05 NovaΒ 

This is one of my favourite comic series’ and honestly 6 volumes was not enough – I need to know about all of the adventures!


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