2016 Reading Goals

Books I want to read by end of 2016

Series I want to read/ get up to date with in 2016!


A Song of Ice and Fire

I read A Game of Thrones last year and am almost finished A Clash of Kings. These books are massive so I’d like to try and at least read up to the fourth book if I can’t read all of the books that are out.

Skulduggery series

Skulduggery Pleasant

There are a lot of books in this series (9?). I’ve read the first two and have the third from the library so I’m hoping I can get the rest of them from the library and marathon this series because they’re all out.


Firebird Trilogy

I hated the first two books in this trilogy and find the main character really annoying but I like the plot so I’m hoping I can just get this trilogy over and done with.


The Giver Quartet

I’ve read the first two and The Giver is one of my favourite books of all time so hopefully I can smash out the last two books in the quartet.


Georgia Nicholson

I’ve read the first five books so I’m halfway through the series. These are short and light so they should be good breaks from some of the bigger series on this list.


Dorothy Must Die

I would like to get up to date with this series because I’ve only read the first book (I don’t know if I’ll be reading the novellas)


The Three Doors Trilogy

I loved this trilogy when I read it a few years ago so I’m really excited o reread them this year.

Other Books I want to read by the end of 2016

Front-Lines-Michael-Grant.jpgFront Lines


The Marvels


Falling Kingdoms


Harry Potter and the Cursed Child




Red Rising


Saga Volume 1


Spider-Gwen Volume 1

Tell me your thoughts!

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